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Who we are

ERA is born out of our love for animals.

A family with over 20 years in the animal world, pet lovers, and nutrition experts, wanting to share what works and what doesn't.

We wanted to put an end to the tales.
We wanted to tell truths

Dogs and cats no longer eat tales,
they eat real food with ERA

Pets need to be well-fed. This is a truth that no one questions. We all know it. But the reality is that when we must make the decision of how to feed our animals and what to choose, doubts always arise.

And this happens because in the field of animal nutrition, there are countless ideas that we have bought as the most effective solution to give our pets a long life. Without knowing if this is truly the case. Pet owners, like ordinary mortals, often don’t truly understand what their pets need.

And even though awareness about animal nutrition is growing, there is still a lot of information we lack. Because it’s not just about choosing a product and a brand. The most crucial aspect of making decisions about feeding is that we genuinely understand what we are providing for our pets. The concepts and truths that revolve around the feeding processes.

It’s not just about discussing products; it’s about discussing our animals, what they need, and what is genuinely good for them.

In our pursuit of telling truths with utmost transparency, knowledge, and clarity, ERA is born.

We speak without tales and without filters about animal nutrition.
We assist our clients in making informed decisions.
And we create recipes that are as transparent as we are.

Our Experts


Veterinary Graduate and Ethology Specialist


"Guardian of Animal Health"

Veterinarian at ERA PET FOOD - With over 20 years of experience, their expertise and dedication ensure that every product from ERA PET FOOD provides a balanced diet tailored to the specific needs of each animal.

Josep Piqué

Animal Nutrition Expert and Agricultural Production Technician


"The Visionary Leader"

CEO at ERA PET FOOD - With over 25 years in the animal sector, they lead with passion and commitment, always placing cutting-edge, high-quality food offerings at the center of our decisions, ensuring the well-being and health of animals.

Miriam Vich

Expert in Animal Nutrition and ERA Product Manager


"The Nutritional Architect"

Specialist in innovation and product development. Her meticulous analysis and perspective on market trends make every bag of ERA PET FOOD a representation of the perfect balance between quality and nutrition.

Ángel Pulido

Expert in Animal Nutrition and ERA Product Analyst


"The Needs Interpreter"

Specialist in data analysis and interpretation. His in-depth study of customer and pet behavior ensures that every product from ERA PET FOOD is based on real data, ensuring a perfect balance between quality and nutritional needs.

Joan Cordovilla

Director of Operations and Quality at ERA


"The Operational Heart"

Responsible for overseeing every step of the process at ERA PET FOOD, from ingredient selection to distribution, ensuring that each product reflects our promise of excellence and quality.

Gerard Pulido

Expert in Animal Nutrition and ERA Product Analyst


"The Nutritional Guide"

Specialist in animal well-being and nutrition. His detailed understanding of the needs of each pet and his deep knowledge of our range ensure that each recommendation is a reflection of the ideal balance between taste, quality, and nutrition.

Real Guarantee

20 years of research support us

We have been researching and creating scientifically validated formulas with results for over 20 years

A team of animal nutrition experts, always in collaboration with our best friends

Real Stories

Dogs and cats don't eat stories, they eat real food