Puppy at Home! Care and First Questions

The puppy should stay with its mother for a minimum of two months. This is not only important because the mother passes immunity through breastfeeding, but also because she plays a very important role in educating her puppy. 

How is the adaptation?

Upon arrival home, the environment should be as calm as possible. However, we must pay attention to the puppy because it is a helpless animal seeking help and will demand our presence through crying. Nevertheless, it should gradually get used to being alone, and to help with that, we can put a stuffed animal in its bed so that it thinks it is with its siblings, or leave a sound source on so that it does not feel alone. Ideally, the dog should adapt to the home for about 5 days before taking it to the vet. You should not rush to take your puppy for a walk outside; 10 days should pass after the second vaccine, and you should have your veterinarian's approval. Like walks, baths are usually given after the second vaccine. And it is important, at all stages of the animal's life, to use specific products for dogs. 

What are the most frequent problems?

The most common problems we can encounter are gastroenteritis (diarrhea and/or vomiting). If the puppy experiences this, it is important to go to the vet with a sample in a sterile container. Respiratory problems are also common, especially in winter. However, we must be attentive and go to the vet if we notice any change or problem since it is better to prevent problems than to go to the vet when the animal is unwell. 

What elements are necessary?

Bed - it should be suitable for its size and be adaptable as it grows. It is also important that it has easy access and that it is easy to wash.


Water and food bowls - they should be suitable for its size, and if they are made of stainless steel, it is better so that bacteria do not accumulate, and they are easy to clean.


Leash and collar - it should be adapted to its size and needs.


Puppy pads - they are necessary for the puppy to relieve itself indoors while it does not have the necessary vaccines to do it outside.


Toys - they are important for the proper development of teeth and gums, as well as for educating them and preventing them from biting improper objects such as furniture. It is important that they are suitable for the size of the dog and not for dogs, so that they do not break, and the animal cannot swallow them (neither in their entirety nor in any part of them).


Food - it is extremely important that it is adapted to puppies, as they need it to cover all their nutritional needs. To choose the dog's food, the size of the breed is important so that the size of the kibble is appropriate for the size of the mouth. At Erapetfood, we have a wide variety of functional ingredient feeds that adapt to your puppy's needs.

You can also check out our video on the CyP Mascotas YouTube channel.

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