When to take your dog to the veterinarian?

Although it is common to visit the veterinarian when a symptom arises or for vaccination, deworming, etc., regular visits to the veterinarian are a basic part of caring for your dog for greater well-being and a better quality of life.

Excluding urgent cases or when the dog is experiencing discomfort or symptoms, the frequency of preventive visits to the veterinarian will depend on factors such as the breed, age, sex, and medical history of your dog. 

Benefits of regular visits

Taking your dog to the veterinarian periodically helps develop a preventive program with your trusted veterinarian. This helps to avoid surgical interventions or treatments that are not only painful and expensive for your dog but sometimes too late, affecting the quality and quantity of your dog's life.

One of the most determining factors when establishing the frequency of visits is age. 


Visits to the veterinarian are usually scheduled according to the vaccination and internal and external deworming schedule. In addition, these consultations usually determine the type of diet according to their needs, answer questions, and rule out congenital pathologies. These visits are usually at least once a month until they are about four months old.


Once the dog reaches adulthood, which depends on the breed and size, visits are usually at least once a year if the dog does not have any health problems. In these periodic check-ups, eyes, ears, mouth, skin, nails, hair, lungs, cardiovascular system, blood pressure, weight, urine, and feces are usually checked, among others. 


As in the previous stages, this varies according to the dog's breed and size. However, older dogs should visit the veterinarian at least twice a year. This is because wear and tear occur in their organism, and heart disease, arthritis, digestive problems, among others, begin to appear.

A good way to associate the veterinarian with a positive stimulus for your dog is through small rewards or gifts, such as a functional snack from Era or their favorite wet food. 

Do you want to know when something is an emergency and you should go to the veterinarian? In this video, we explain it to you.

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