What is better

dry food or wet food?

What would happen if you ate your favorite food day and night, day after day? No matter how much you like it, there would come a time when you would get tired of it. Well, something similar can happen to dogs.

To solve this problem, wet food is a great ally. 

We provide your dog with different textures and awaken their senses. Therefore, we are going to contribute to make mealtime truly enjoyable. 

It can also be a great solution for a dog that needs an incentive at mealtime. If you have tried countless types of dry food and your dog still doesn't finish their meal, introducing wet food into their diet can solve this problem. 

If your dog has sensitive teeth and struggles to eat, mixing their dry food with wet food will soften the kibble and facilitate ingestion, providing all the benefits of dry food. 

Many times we have encountered very picky dogs that do not accept any type of food. So, the meaty smells and the soft texture will make them more attracted to this type of food. 


At ERA Sybarite you will find a natural diet designed to provide benefits to your dog's health, helping his body to function properly, which leads to a healthier lifestyle and an increase in life expectancy.

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